A 1928 Model Story

A 1928 Model Story

Owner(s): Roland Walden

I came to the Model “A”  hobby late in life and thanks to the help and counsel of the FWMAFC members, I was able to purchase Fred Henley‘s 1928 two door, which is still in its very original condition. My goal is to preserve the car and pass it on as near factory condition as possible. All the research I’ve done indicates that I am the third owner of the car since it was new. Rose-Wilson Ford DealershipFred bought it from a Willy Virginia Davis in Dallas and received a title at that time showing the car was purchased at the Rose Wilson Motor Company in Dallas. Since Fred did not transfer the title to my name I am in possession of the earliest title for the car, based on a complete search of state records regarding the car. I was able to find a picture of the Rose Wilson motor company although blurry.

Ford Dealership I also found a page from the Dallas city directory for 1928 with their ad indicating that they were authorized Ford Lincoln and Fordson tractor dealership at 1212 South Irving St. and the phone number was 7–2250.

The car has the original engine, serial number 112275, which indicates it was made in May 1928.  The engine, transmission, and differential seem to be in top-notch shape,  but I have spent many hours and dollars restoring other parts of the car that were badly in need of some attention. My plan is to continue restoring the car to a point that it is as close as possible to the way it came out of the Ford assembly plant in Dallas, in May 1928. I have not driven the to one of the meetings, but I hope to do so in the near future.

The only car in our family when I was in high school in McKinney, Texas was a 1930s Model “A” Tudor. I have many fond memories of events that took place in, or around that car. I would have preferred to purchase a 1930 Tudor but the 1928 fit my desires perfectly otherwise, so that’s what I decide to do. I have a special bond with the car since I was born in 1928. I was raised on a small farm in Northeast of McKinney, Texas, my first memory, as a small child, was of an old Model “T” that I believe was some sort of roadster. Later we did get in an enclosed Model “T” and then just before World War II we acquired the 1930 Model A. The Model A served us well through the war until the late 1940s when my father purchased a used pick up truck.

I wish to expressed my great greatest appreciation to the club members who have given me great courage, and help in my journey through the Model A world. I have been a member of many organizations over my long life, but the Fort Worth Model A club is one of the better ones I have ever participated in.

Thanks again to the club and for all the help and encouragement I have received.

Roland Walden