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Model A Tips, Tricks & Info

Which spark plug is the best for my Model A

Spark plugs have always been a subject of conversation amongst car enthusiast. Model A fans are no exception. Which spark plug is the best for my Model A is usually the result of the discussion. While Champion 3X spark plugs are still available but they are quite expensive. In the $25 range each. There are, however, alternative spark plugs that are available at a much lower price.

Your Oil Change Routine

Save time by working smarter. In the time it takes for the oil to all drain, you can take care of several little routine maintenance items on your "A" that will keep it running well and avoid a problem on the road.

A Hidden Electrical Fault

Reproduction Model A firewall terminal boxes have been made overseas for a long time and many have a hidden electrical fault that can be very difficult to locate; the fault could be disastrous and actually cause a fire.


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