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Annual Events


The Cowtown “A”s have annual events every year.  These events include the annual Pate Swap Meet @ Texas Motor Speedway the largest swap meet in the Southwest.  The Pate Swap Meet averages over 8,000 spaces for people and vendor to bring their goods to sale or swap.  The Pate Swap Meet has been going since the mid 1980’s and has occurred every year except 2020 but it resumed in 2021 with great success.  Another annual event is the Grandparents Day Car Show This event happens every September on Grandparent day it was started in 1985 with a total of 129 Model A Fords, 124 members cars and 5 guest cars.  The Grandparents Day Show has opened up to all cars not just the Model A,  and we have cars from the Model T era all the way to modern modified and custom cars that show up each year.  To see the Grandparents Day Show is like a walk through the history of the automobile.