PATE Swap Meet 2024 Update Question

Pate Swap Meet 2024You are special people and without your help, Pate Swap Meet would not succeed. Fort Worth Model A Ford Club members have a big job for Pate Swap Meet and you do not know how much I appreciate each and every one of you. As this event is our only fundraiser (major income) this is how we continue to have our hobby.

We had 63 members, five paid laborers and five Dallas Pontiac Club members who helped. It took 2 weeks to complete our task; space painting, barrel put-out, set-up, T-Shirt sales, Trash pick-up on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Then clean-up on Sunday. I applaud all of you.

Thank you,

Jerry Tucker, Pate Director

David Keefer
T Lindsay Baker
Larry Jones
Gregg Hennings
Franklin Bell
Geoff Stamp
Vicki Stamp
George Maddox
Randy Minton
Kevin Ulrich
Ernest Brown
Charles Lamb
Jim Dietrick
John Feenstra
Chuck Hatley
Jim Carroll
Kim Baksinski
Dan Carmines
Makenzie Hall
Mary Tucker
Jerry Tucker
Chuck Nixon
Gary Bernard
Jimmy Kuban
Mark Kuban
Brad Chilton
Quincy Wallace
Lewis Bauer
Jerry Bodiford
Ken Davis
Andy Tillary
David Gechter
Richard Chance
Dale Currie
Dell Rice
Wanda Rice
Jim Diggs
Doug Scott
Bill Lee
Tim Roman
Jim Whisenand
George Jenson
John Roth
Steve Derting
Logan Douglass
Jordon Douglass
Jerome Hanson
Dennis Hamblin
Clint Johnson
Randy Williams
Billy Williams
Ross Douglass
Andrea Douglass
Paul Mahacek
Bernadette Roth
Karen Whittlesey
Christina Johnson
Beverly Williams
Pat Buckmeyer
Bill Buckmeyer
William Walter
Chandler Etheredge
Russ Grunewald